The 1st Cryptocurrency Rewarding holders $BNB based on All Time Trading Volume & Staking.

Thats right Rewards only go up as we hit our All Time trading volume milestones!

You will also be able to Play POKER on our NFT APP Coming Soon!

BabyBilz loves, Money, Women, Fast cars, and…….CAKE. 

He is still a baby after all.
Here at Baby Bilz, the rewards fund is generated from the 8% tax on all buys and sells, it then gets staked in multiple syrup pools on Pancake Swap.

As the trading continues with BabyBilz the rewards pool gets bigger and bigger, creating higher weekly returns on the staked CAKE. 

These profits from the staked cake get distributed as follows. 

10% gets compounded back into the rewards pool to keep the staking pool constantly growing, even when there is a zero trading volume on BabyBilz.

The other 90% of the staking profits gets distributed proportionately to all the holders wallets on a weekly basis

(same time same place each week for consistency!!!)


We never spend the money generated in the rewards pool that we have all worked so hard to accumulate, that just keeps growing to earn more and more interest. 

(Subject to the volatility of $CAKE token)
We simply sit back with a drink and live off the profits it generates, which get automatically sent to your wallets weekly. Pretty sweet eh!

1. Download and setup Metamask, Trustwallet or Coinbase wallet.

2. Buy Smart Chain BNB and send to your wallet

3. Copy: 0x317d61ba51a625218286a952f04b381a7189082a

4. Go to: PANCAKESWAP and proceed to trade & exchange

5. Paste contract address in “select a currency”

‍*Set your slippage to 12% – 15% and Swap your BNB/BSC For – $BabyBilz

Our Weekly Lottery Has started! 

Buy 0.01 BNB worth of $BABYBILZ For Entry!

Draw closes Friday 27th August 12.00 AM UTC

Good luck!

Buy here: PANCAKESWAP and proceed to trade & exchange

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Q: Is liquidity locked? –  100% locked at launch for 6 months at a time and relocked before 6 months

Q: Are my rewards sent automatically to my wallet? – Yes, your BNB rewards will be sent directly to your wallet

Q: I don’t understand how the rewards system works

A: Rewards are calculated based on Trading volume (Buys and sells since launch) 8% of the amount is staked on pcs, 90% of this additional profit from pools is sent to holders as BNB and 10% is re-staked to ensure the rewards pool always grows.

Additional info here

Q: How do rewards continue during low volume trading? – Instead of paying direct rewards, we pay out the interest earned from high APR staking